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Metafilter: One of the more literate communities on the Internet.


Charlie Pierce: If you have any interest in politics, you must read Charlie Pierce.

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Lifehacker: The main place I go for self-improvement and tech advice..

DepthHub: They curate all the great explanatory threads on reddit. They really should put these into a book one day.


Buster Olney: I wish I could get paid to write about baseball and create link blog posts every morning. Until then, I'll read Olney.

Kansas City Royals Trade Rumors

Review Weekly

Off The Menu: Read about crazy and awful people doing crazy and awful things at restaurants.

Fangraphs Royals page

Real Clear Policy White Papers & Research

Real Clear Policy White Papers & Research Associations and Trade Groups

Morgan Housel

Jonathan Gold's weekly column

OSX Daily Command Line

Cool Tools

Randal Olson Blog

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Botto Bistro Stupid Questions of the Month

Derek Sivers Book List

Ribbonfarm Reading List

Farnam Street Reading List

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IBM Research Overview

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Nassim Nicolas Taleb

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Gizmodo Horror Stories

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Jon Bois

Buster Benson

The Classical

Free Data Science Books

Unlimited Mastery

101 Useful Websites

Bret Victor

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IBM Research

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Alex Kotlowitz

GM Games

Roads & Kingdoms

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IBNS Banknote of the Year

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Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports- LibGen

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making- LibGen

Advances in Decision Sciences — An Open Access Journal

Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports

Systems Thinking World Journal

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