Not well

This is how I feel about the last 18 months.



To be good at something

I read this in a book called Football, which talks about various aspects of soccer in our culture. This quote perfectly sums up what I think you need to be good at something:


They're the ones with something to lose, which means I've got the reckless confidence you need to be good.

Great Lines: The Samantha Bee Edition

Samantha Bee is one of the funniest people out there today. You may not agree with her political views, but her book is filled with some great lines:

Who among us didn’t enjoy unwinding with liquor and smokes in the company of unsupervised children?

They were about to explain the fundamentals of lesbian sex to two impressionable nine-year-olds, and they had to do it in such a way that minimal information would be supplied but no further questions would arise.

Hitting puberty excavated a wellspring of evil energy in me that led me to the discovery that my parents were vulnerable and had made mistakes that could be exploited in an interesting way.

Sadness wafted everywhere you turned.

The fastidious gay man I worked with went limp with “the vapors.” When he recovered his senses, his disgust was electrifying.