Obama talking trash

At the core, the Republicans hate anyone with swag. They don't have any, so they're jealous of anyone who does.

Crow bodyguard liability

I accidentally created an army of crow body guards. Am I liable if my murder attempts murder?:

To make a long story short, im a late 20 something living in portland oregon. I had a pretty intense emo/goth phase as a tween that i thought i had grown out of.

A couple months ago, i was watching a nature program on our local station about crows. The program mentioned that if you feed and befriend them, crows will bring you small gifts. My emo phase came back full force and i figured that i was furloughed and had lots of time- so why not make some crow friends.

My plan worked a little too well and the resident 5 crows in my neighborhood have turned into an army 15 strong. At first my neighbors didnt mind and enjoyed it. They're mostly elderly and most were in a bird watching club anyway. They thought the fact that i had crows following me around whenever i go outside was funny.

Lately, the crows have started defending me. My neighbor came over for a socially distanced chat (me on my porch her in my yard) and the crows started dive bombing her. They would not stop until she left my yard.

They didnt make physical contact with her, but they got very close.

Am i liable if these crows injure someone since i fed them? I obviously cant control the crows. I would rather them not attack my neighbors. But since i technically created this nuisance, could i be financially on the hook for any injuries?

To be clear, they're not agressive 100% of the time. If just the neighbors are out they are friendly normal crows. They only get aggressive when someone gets close to me or my property.

ETA: TL;DR- I have turned into Moira Rose, queen of the crows. My inadvertent crow army has gotten aggressive towards others. If they hurt someone could i be held liable?

ETA PT II: I did not train these birds to attack. Also thank you for all of your awards. Im glad my stupid decisions bring you joy. Please consider donating that money to your local Audubon society instead


A moral defense of Chidi's swoleness

A moral defense of Chidi's swoleness:

As character, however, does Chidi’s clearly obsessive working out make sense? In other words, is it ethical to be that jacked? We examine the moral implications of obsessive working out through the lens of the three dominant philosophies Chidi himself mentions in the episode as ways to be good.

I love essays that take pop culture and talk about it in a high-minded way.


My best friend got me this. It is one of my most treasured possessions.


International borders

These are some very interesting pics:

U.S.- Canada


Belgium- The Netherlands This is the most chill border, by far belgium

Malaysia-Singapore malaysing

A river in South America dividing Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay southamerica

A river in Africa separating Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia africa

DeShawn Stevenson's ATM

Deshawn Stevenson just installed an ATM in his house. I'm obsessed with this.

Per TMZ:

We're told he paid $3,500 for the machine and lets his rich NBA friends use it for last-minute cash withdrawals before they go out.

But the service ain't free -- DeShawn says he charges his pals a steep $4.50 ATM fee.

DeShawn says the machine holds $20,000 and he refills it 4-6 times a year.

He adds, "I like doing things that aren't normal and it's cool to have."


Dr. Will's Speech

This speech from Big Brother US Season 2 is one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen.