Ginger Baker

Baker's one of the few men who can live as recklessly as he wants and still come out smelling like roses. The logical place to start is "Beware of Mr. Baker", the documentary by Jay Bulger.

Ginger Baker's Wikipedia page: This article contains my favorite quote about Baker: "Baker is noted for his eccentric, often self-destructive lifestyle; he struggled with heroin addiction for many years, moved around the world often after making enemies, and has been beset with financial and tax troubles, partially as a result of his polo hobby."

At the Crossroads: This article talks about Baker's time in Colorado. My favorite part of the article is where Baker is at odds with the [legacy] INS because they deported the groom for his polo ponies. He has a contention that no American grooms can meet his high standards.

Jack Bruce: The Man Behind the Bass: Baker was interviewed for this documentary. It's also interesting to hear more about the violent relationship between Bruce and Baker in their Graham Bond and Cream days.

The Devil and Ginger Baker: Jay Bulger originally lied to Baker about writing an article in Rolling Stone. The magazine ended up publishing Bulger's article. It's a nice companion to Baker's South African activities and "Beware of Mr. Baker".