Betting on my kids little league baseball games?

So for any of you who have kids that play little league baseball, you’re aware of how mind-numbingly exhausting these games can be. It’s so difficult watching from the stands as little Timmy pitches his 11th straight 4-pitch walk in a row. That being said, me and a couple of the other dads decided it would make the games more fun if we had some action on them. Pretty standard bets to start. Who wins the game, number of strike outs, how many errors Tyler will have within the first 3 innings at catcher, etc. Low and behold, the idea has really started taking off. Every game I go to now is spent collecting cash and tracking bets. I hardly have time to watch. Another problem is that I’ve stopped caring about my own child’s performance. Hell, half the time I’m actively rooting against him. Anyways, I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on easier ways to track the bets. Perhaps a site that will do it for me? I would say what I’m doing is a little immoral, but with playoffs coming up the amount of money to be made is huge. Any advice is appreciated.

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