Regulate synopses

Warren G's song "Regulate" has inspired a couple of epic summaries.

First, this is from Wikipedia:

Warren G is driving alone through Eastside, Long Beach, California at night, looking for women. He finds a group of men playing dice and tries to join them, but they pull out their guns and rob him instead. Thinking he's about to die, Warren G sings out, "if I had wings I would fly"; one critic describes this moment as "the hook" of the song.

A moral defense of Chidi's swoleness

A moral defense of Chidi's swoleness:

As character, however, does Chidi’s clearly obsessive working out make sense? In other words, is it ethical to be that jacked? We examine the moral implications of obsessive working out through the lens of the three dominant philosophies Chidi himself mentions in the episode as ways to be good.

I love essays that take pop culture and talk about it in a high-minded way.

Vanessa from the Bachelor: Canada's Foremost Thespian

I am very angry about Vanessa deceiving us while stealing our hearts. Time for some Vanessa Facts.

  • She got a present from a kid's mom at the end the year. Refused, saying she was just researching a role.

  • After crying at her dad's funeral, yelled I told you those acting lessons would pay off, old man! at the casket.

  • This Canadian accent is in preparation for the indie movie she's filming next.