King Ralph in real life

Muneer: I just want the Supreme Court nomination ceremony to end up being like the opening scene in King Ralph.
Steve: That takes me back.
Muneer: Instead of it all happening at once, it can happen over a few weeks or months.
Muneer: But at the end of the day, a Canadian named Gordie Ashton will be named president.
Muneer: He will bring moose and Tim Hortons along with social programs.
Lisette: Haaa.
Steve: I, for one, welcome our Canadian overlords.
Muneer: Brought up my King Ralph scenario to some pals at work. They pointed out that Gordie Ashton is ineligible to be the president since he's Canadian.
Muneer: I feel like Gordie being the illegitimate son of a rogue American diplomat confers automatic American citizenship upon him.
Lisette: Yeah there’s a little thing called dual citizenship. Tired of these birthers.
Muneer: Exactly!!

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