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Corona Tough Guys

Kyle Brandt Perfectly Called Out Coronavirus 'Tough Guys'

This video is what convinced me to drop my tough guy act and take Covid-19 as seriously as was warranted.

Great job advice

A wise man once told me that if you're consistently working more than 40 hours per week, you're bad at your job or the company is taking advantage of you. Either way, you need to make a change.



I'm now part of the Marketing team at work. It's not a new job, just my team getting shuffled over here. I'm going to need to watch the subliminal advertising episode of Saved by the Bell tonight.


5k Motivation


There are few things more motivating in this world than trying to stay ahead of a large lady wearing a thong as well as leggings that are stretching to the point of being sheer. I beat my treadmill time by 20 minutes.


No more jeans

Jeans days are now banned at work. My outfit today has a definite "I work at a golf store in the mall" vibe to it.


2014 Reading Stats Update

Over the past year, I had the feeling that I wasn't reading enough since I've largely stopped reading books.

Then I got that email from Pocket that stated I was in the top 1% of readers on their site in 2013 with 3,818,486 words read. This was about 1/3 to 1/2 of my reading in 2013.

So, beginning on New Year's Day, I decided to start tracking the number of words I read. I'm only counting articles or things over 700 words, since those take more than a couple of minutes for me to read.

Assuming 545 words per page (I think the usual 250 per page benchmark is for paperbacks like the romance novels they sell at the grocery store), I have read 776 pages thus far in 2014. Assuming 300 pages per book, that is already a little more than 2 books. More updates to come.


2013 Honeymoon

Day 1: While at the hotel restaurant in Miami, I saw an old man named Irv with a name badge stating he was with a group called "Adventures In Intimacy" talking to an old lady. Jessicca later informed me that "Adventures In Intimacy" is a swingers' group. It made a lot more sense why he was telling the old lady about "expanding our horizons" and "letting whatever feels good happen." Also, ew.

Day 2: A waiter on the ship at dinner apparently called me "impatient" under his breath when I informed him we were ready to order. Jessicca was vexed by this, but I took it in stride. After all, I have the money to be relaxing while the waiter has to deal with rednecks and doofuses all day. I'm pretty sure I win this round.

Day 3: We went to a private island owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines. While on the boat, we sat next to a couple of young ladies who were taking tons of selfies. When I got to the island and into the water, I saw them asking lifeguards and other people to take pictures of them in various poses meant to indicate YOLO or female empowerment. After which they hit the bar for a drink and took the next shuttle back to the ship. Instagram will be the ruin of us all.

Day 4: I am no longer the strapping young man I once was. I had sunburn all over. As a youth, I fell asleep in a deck chair for over 8 hours and only had sunburn on a small patch of skin on the back of my neck. Sigh... Jessicca also bested me at a trivia competition, only because she was asked questions like "How long is your hair?" and I was asked questions like "How many right angles are in a parallelogram?"

Day 5: I ate the best fish I have tasted since I had some curried lobsters a few years back in Bangladesh. I am also a great lover of conch meat now.

Days 6 and 7: Once again dealing with the beastly natives in the good ol' US of A. On the morning of our flight back to KC, we had the opportunity to sit by a bunch of college students on their way back home for the holidays. One of the guys said, "I hope my wife is rich because I want to be a stay at home dad and do youth ministry on the side." Ugh.

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