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Murder tigers

Houston tiger is being secretly passed around safe houses, police believe

I am holding on to a conspiracy theory that this dude fed his victims to the tiger. It's a murder tiger!!! The dude isn't revealing the whereabouts of the tiger. It's because the tiger is still digesting the latest murders!!

Got my Pfizer, son

I just got the Pfizer vaccine. If you're "vaccine-hesitant", stop being stupid and schedule an appointment when it's available.

Boomers and Masks

We are a nation of toddlers. If people would just wear masks, we’d all be able to go out and do things.

At the grocery store yesterday, I saw a 50ish woman walking from aisle with her mask pulled down. She would only pull it up when it was obvious the person she was passing by disapproved of her. I gave her the Mitt Romney glare when he was Josh Hawley while Hawley was objecting to the votes.

Most of the people I see out and about not wearing masks and being almost militant about it are white boomers. I think we all knew boomers are not team players. They’re a big reason we’re in this mess.

Thoughts on Trump

4 years ago, I woke up at 6am and navigated to Google. Seeing the words "Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States" made my heart jump and sent me into a stupor.

America had just repudiated me and others like me. America said that they believed lies and fear mongering over facts. That day, America became just a country; it was no longer the shining beacon that immigrants strive to go to.

Over the last 4 years, I have seen things I never thought would happen:

  • A "friend" shouted "Build the Wall" at the end of the national anthem at a Royals game while sitting next to me.
  • I grew to distrust everyone around me. What if they're part of the Trump brigade that would rather that I not be in this country anymore? I found myself wondering "Is he/she a Trump voter?"
  • This country had a leader who didn't care about the people, even during the worst pandemic in 100 years.

It'll take a while for my faith in this country to be restored. But, a shred of it is still there. I want to see us move forward from this, the most shameful period of our modern history. I want people to get along and not be divided by fear and racism.

America is bruised and bloody from the last 4 years. We had a group of people in power who did their best to destroy the country. Now it's time to help America heal.

Corona Tough Guys

Kyle Brandt Perfectly Called Out Coronavirus 'Tough Guys'

This video is what convinced me to drop my tough guy act and take Covid-19 as seriously as was warranted.

Values Voters

The fact that so many people are voting for a known child predator shows that "values voters" don't have any real values besides keeping "others" down. When you're mourning the election loss of a child predator, it's safe to say you're doing religion wrong.

2016 Election Thoughts


  • In the event Donald Trump wins, I will be at my home until 4am, after which I will flee to Canada. I hope they have Starbucks near my company's Saskatchewan office.


  • I'm still here, and I'm scared.
  • America has turned its back on me and people like me.

Election Day 2016

All of the personal stuff about the candidates is being used to distract people from the issues.

In the past few elections, I've heard that people want a candidate who they can "have a beer with." I want a candidate who is so competent and above my level that being in their presence would be intimidating. That's how I feel about Obama. He's been one of the more effective presidents we've had, given the GOP's extreme non-cooperation.

The main thing I hear from people supporting Trump is that "he'll shake things up" and "he's not a career politician." Being President is too important a job to give to an unqualified person. From an objective standpoint, no one can argue that Hillary has more experience in the job of governing than Trump. "Shaking things up" is what you do when you get a haircut or go out to dinner. Not when you are choose the new leader of the free world.

Finally, it makes no difference if you don't vote. Get out there by Tuesday. Make your voice heard.


Why did Bruce Jenner pick a name a 19 year old sorority girl would have?

Tecmo Bowl

The Chiefs game was unbelievable. They lost five of their most important players in the course of the game, all in increasingly devastating fashion. I've never seen anything like it.

The only thing I can compare it to is one player mode in Tecmo Bowl on the NES. Whenever you began doing too well, your offense and defensive plays would suspiciously cease to work against the AI. Your team would give up big plays over and over until the score got close. I'd always yell, "The damn computer's cheating again!" I saw it in real life today, and it was just as frustrating.

Thoughts on Romney

Anyone who is moronic enough to vote for Romney is not going to be swayed by logic or reason. With the Confederate Party's (GOP's) voter suppression efforts, low turnout among the young and educated, and churches that tell their congregations who to vote for, it is very possible that Romney will win this election. If he doesn't, then another 4 years of race baiting and anti-intellectualism will skid the way for the USA to become what the Confederate Party wants it to become: Iran.

So, we have 4 years to fight back against the lunacy or scout out another country to move to. Because if things keep going this way, we will soon be praying to Ayatollah James Dobson and this nation will be the Puritan dreamworld the Confederates envision in the wettest of their dreams.

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