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Lauren Boebert is female white privilege in sentient form.


Thoughts on Trump

4 years ago, I woke up at 6am and navigated to Google. Seeing the words "Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States" made my heart jump and sent me into a stupor.

America had just repudiated me and others like me. America said that they believed lies and fear mongering over facts. That day, America became just a country; it was no longer the shining beacon that immigrants strive to go to.

Over the last 4 years, I have seen things I never thought would happen:

  • A "friend" shouted "Build the Wall" at the end of the national anthem at a Royals game while sitting next to me.
  • I grew to distrust everyone around me. What if they're part of the Trump brigade that would rather that I not be in this country anymore? I found myself wondering "Is he/she a Trump voter?"
  • This country had a leader who didn't care about the people, even during the worst pandemic in 100 years.

It'll take a while for my faith in this country to be restored. But, a shred of it is still there. I want to see us move forward from this, the most shameful period of our modern history. I want people to get along and not be divided by fear and racism.

America is bruised and bloody from the last 4 years. We had a group of people in power who did their best to destroy the country. Now it's time to help America heal.

How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother

How Trump Ruined My Relationship With My White Mother:
No matter how I presented my case, she always found a way to insinuate that maybe it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be and that everything wasn’t about race.

Ted Cruz's College Days

Ted Cruz is a very odd duck. I don't think I've run across someone so universally disliked, yet so successful at getting into positions of power.

Here's What Happens When You Try and Track Down a Ted Cruz College Rumor: Ted decided to call a woman's mother a whore. The rest of this article is like watching a car wreck in the slowest of motions.

Craig Mazin: This gentleman had the misfortune of being Cruz's roommate in college. He is not a fan.
* Here's an intro to the highlights from Mazin's Twitter feed.
* Here's another post showing the highlights of Mazin's Twitter feed.
* Mazin's Twitter feed is a treasure trove of Cruz related facts. Mazin also engages the right wing trolls who lionize Cruz.

Laura Calaway was Ted Cruz's debate teammate in high school. she beat him once. Ted wasn't pleased.

A psychologist went into detail as to why Ted Cruz has such a punchable face.

Everyone who has come across Ted Cruz comes to hate him with a passion usually reserved for child murderers or serial rapists. Here's another page showing Ted hating quotes.


Guns have become a socially acceptable substitute for sex toys.


Tea Party Supporters

I finally read something that perfectly sums up the “Impeach Obama, HE’S A MUSLIM, benghazi was a plot” crowd. Noam Schreiber says, “When you’re dealing with delusional people, any gesture in their direction will only be interpreted as confirmation that their delusions are true.” People like Robert Jewell and others who like to put out crazy nonsense are delusional trolls. They feed on the negative attention they get and the commiserative words provided by their comrades in lunacy. They will be looked at by history not as patriots, but as the racist bigots they really are. They all want to scrap democracy while they bray ad nauseum about upholding the Constitution. These are the people who want to destroy America. The comments on this page should be saved and re-released to the public every so often just to show how low things can go.

People, we need to get out and vote against people like Lynn Jenkins and marginalize the nutjobs who have taken over American political discourse. The president is conducting his business just as everyone before him. He is not acting unconstitutionally by just exercising his powers to make Congress actually do its job. I refuse to deal with people who are so stupid or deluded that they can not think rationally. Good night and good luck living with yourselves in a future that will scorn everything you believe in and stand for.

Rise of the Stupid

The stupid have been able to rise in the GOP because of the ease of communication today.

Back in say, the 1970s, I imagine that everyone knew one or two people who was angry about society and stupid. But, the fact that these people were stupid and/or lazy precluded them from commiserating with each other because of the barriers to communication. Stupid people are not articulate, and thus wouldn't be the types to converse with each other by letter. Finding the local KKK chapter or others like themselves took some time and effort.

Enter the Internet.

In the beginning of the Internet age, it was still tough for the stupid to use it to communicate, since the equipment was hard to use and often expensive. Next comes the web browser. The stupid are now able to check out websites and other porn. But the barrier to communicate is still high, since content creation required some HTML know how or at least a familiarity with Usenet.

Finally, blogs come on to the scene. The stupid are now able to at least write rambling, incoherent nonsense on sites like Xanga and Blogspot. Even though the stupid are not terribly good at writing, the ability to see each others' writings in cyberspace emboldens them. There are others like them. They no longer have to endure the ridicule of their intellectual betters. It is easy now to surround themselves with each other, while maintaining that they're not stupid, but persecuted. Enter YouTube and the barrier to entry is completely removed. Now anyone with a flip cam can upload their idiotic thoughts and have others like them say, "Hey, that's totally right! Climate change is bogus! Obama is a Muslim! I knew it!"

The Reagan-era operatives see these people and think to themselves, "If only we could mobilize these people." They create Fox News. They help raise the Tea Party. But then, in an unanticipated turn, the stupid take over. They decide that their agendas of extreme social conservatism, hatred of success and wealth, and anti-science are right, by God! They are unhappy that their time in the limelight might end soon, just as the getting got good. So that is why we have Santorum emerging as a serious candidate. That's why we have elected officials trying to pass "state rape" laws to prevent abortion. A drubbing of these people's candidate will allow the Republican establishment to flush out these pests.

While they'll never go away, the stupid can and will be relegated to the margins again. Even though I am a moderate Republican, I hope that Santorum gets the nomination. When he is smacked down, the stupid can go back to a life of deserved ridicule. It's the only hope people like me have at this point.

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