Mint Mobile's Bobby Bonilla Day commercial

To be fair, the deferment made sense if you take time value of money into account. The Wilpons were just stupid enough to invest the savings with Bernie Madoff.

Luka Doncic Sings Serbian Folk Song

Having their hands up while singing is the icing on the cake.

San Jose Sharks Celebrate Juneteenth

Someone actually thought this was a great idea. frown

NCAA's Priorities

Jordan McNair got paid more for dying as a college football player than he would have if he'd lived. It's time to reform the NCAA system.


NCAA Picks

This is an experiment to see which prediction source accumulates the most points using a standard scoring system.
* The highest possible score is 1,920 points. Each of the 6 rounds has a max possible score of 320 points.

There are three groups of test subjects:
Predictions generated by automated algorithms, predictions generated by experts, and predictions generated by guessing.

Source 2017 2018 2019 2021 2022
538 960 780 960 840
Poologic-LRMCP 1140 1120 930 840
Poologic-LRMCPLog 870
Poologic-Original 1090 1080 960 870
Poologic-Sagarin 1120 1070 940 870
Poologic- Vegas 1410 1080 650 890
Power Rank 940 1110 1250 1030
BetLab 940 780
Jay Bilas 1130 640 730 850
Neil Greenberg 1390 410 880 400
Jay Williams 760
Howard Megdal 660 -
KenPom 1080 1100 1260 890
Dick Vitale - 590 710
Pete Thamel 710
ESPN Auto Generated 650 810 1250 730
Bing Predicts 820 670 720
Public Consensus 770 840
Karnik Spreadsheet - 510 1190 860
Pure Guessing/Jessicca 600 1030 390 1100
3 Point Percentage 1210 940
Seth Greenberg 900
ESPN Bracket Predictor 1100
Chalk 1000

March Madness Indeed

The NCAA are the mustache twirling villains we all knew them to be. It's time for their hegemony over college sports, especially basketball, to end.

I think more basketball players need to go overseas and actually get paid to play basketball while they wait until they're eligible for the NBA draft. If players decide forgoing unpaid labor to rightfully be paid for their skills, the talent pool for NCAA schools will decrease in quality. I hope this brings more parity to the college game and makes upsets like UMBC over Virginia possible more often.

However, it likely means that the top schools will attract whatever players are still out there and continue to consolidate power into the Power 5 conferences. The NCAA could fix the situation by actually ensuring that college players aren't destitute while member universities make millions off their efforts. That won't happen. Like BlackBerry and Nokia, the NCAA is a legacy organization that hasn't adequately addressed the threats to its business model.

I hope we see the NCAA collapse in the next 10 years, or at least have players see that there are other avenues out there to showcase their skills for the NBA. Jonah Bolden and Brandon Jennings are two pioneers of a movement that I hope continues gaining traction.

So, if you're watching March Madness like I am, you're watching the last days of a broken system on display.

Apt comparison

Phil Jackson is the Sam Brownback of the NBA.


Paul Pierce

When I was in my freshman year at KU, I was playing basketball at the Robinson Center one afternoon. We had the run of the court because of my teammates' scoring prowess and my extremely dirty play and ability to pull down rebounds in traffic.

Then, a group of tall gentlemen walked in. Among them was Paul Pierce, then a sophomore. I was assigned the task of guarding Pierce. I remember setting up in my stance. I looked to the left to check the guy on the wing. When I turned my head back around, Pierce was gone. I looked behind me, and he was laying the ball in about 10 feet away. Pierce is the quickest person I've ever encountered in my life. He blew past me twice more, and then I faked a calf injury to preserve what little of my pride was left.

NCAA Picks 2017

Alright people, I don't think I should keep you from riches. As I said, if you win, donate at least 25% of your winnings to an organization that will help immigrants or help advocate against the Republican health care plan 1st Round Villanova Wisconsin Virginia Florida SMU Baylor Marquette Duke Gonzaga Vandy Notre Dame West Virginia Maryland FSU St. Mary's Arizona KU Miami Iowa St. Purdue Creighton Oregon Oklahoma State Louisville UNC Arkansas Minnesota Butler Cincy UCLA Wichita State Kentucky Sweet 16 Villanova Virginia Baylor Duke Gonzaga West Virginia FSU Arizona KU Purdue Oregon Louisville UNC Butler UCLA Kentucky Elite 8 Villanova Duke Gonzaga West Virginia KU Louisville UNC Kentucky Final 4 Villanova Gonzaga Louisville UNC Final Game Gonzaga Louisville Winner Louisville Keep in mind that this strategy is optimal for pools of up to 20 entries. Winning in a bigger pool than that is mostly luck.

Custom Handshakes, NBA Edition

Everyone knows I'm a great lover of custom handshakes.

2014 Royals Game 7 Live Blog

8:11 PM: How interesting that we must now vanquish a former Royals prospect in Affeldt to put some runs up on the board.

8:13 PM: Bumgarner coming in to the game. It's like if Scrooge had to kill the ghost of Christmas Past.

8:19 PM: Yost and Bochy both look like they're trying to concentrate on what their wives are saying.

8:20 PM: After his last run, Butler should be upgraded to Healthy Breakfast or Balanced Breakfast.

8:23 PM: That was a shameful run. Butler is hereby downgraded to Vegan Breakfast.

9:03 PM: Why aren't the umps doing anything about the Giants pitchers headhunting?

10:16 PM: My phone autocorrects heartbreak to baseball.

Tecmo Bowl

The Chiefs game was unbelievable. They lost five of their most important players in the course of the game, all in increasingly devastating fashion. I've never seen anything like it.

The only thing I can compare it to is one player mode in Tecmo Bowl on the NES. Whenever you began doing too well, your offense and defensive plays would suspiciously cease to work against the AI. Your team would give up big plays over and over until the score got close. I'd always yell, "The damn computer's cheating again!" I saw it in real life today, and it was just as frustrating.

Baron Davis Alley Oop Reaction

Baron Davis's reaction to this dunk always gets me amped up.

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