Betting on my kids little league baseball games?

So for any of you who have kids that play little league baseball, you’re aware of how mind-numbingly exhausting these games can be. It’s so difficult watching from the stands as little Timmy pitches his 11th straight 4-pitch walk in a row. That being said, me and a couple of the other dads decided it would make the games more fun if we had some action on them. Pretty standard bets to start. Who wins the game, number of strike outs, how many errors Tyler will have within the first 3 innings at catcher, etc. Low and behold, the idea has really started taking off.


Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court said the following to a guy who claimed he liked to make it rain at the strip club:

At $7.25 an hour, how much precipitation can you cause?



#30 on the Detroit Lions is named Dee Virgin. He probably plays against the QB today, David Blough, in practice. So, several times a week, Virgin is trying to get a Blough.