Most of the links I've collected since 2005 are located on my Pinboard page.

The links below are sites that I find interesting or fun. After social media became ubiquitous, a lot of these types of sites died off.

Name Link Subject
Apex Money Money
Ask A Manager Advice, Work
Balkinization Interesting
Belong Tech
Bill James Baseball
Buzz Machine Politics, Tech
Cal Newport Productivity
Captain Awkward Advice
Cockeyed Link Blog
Commonplace Productivity
Cynical-C Politics
Daily Findings Academia
Dark Roasted Blend Link Blog Science
Election Law Blog Law
Get Rich Slowly Money
Gomiblog Politics
gwern Science
Kicks Condor Indie Web, Tech
LinkMachineGo Link Blog
Little Green Footballs Politics
Lowering the Bar Law Tech
Moneyness Money
Ness Labs Productivity
New Shelton Wet/Dry Link Blog
One Foot Tsunami Link Blog
Ordinary Times Culture, Entertainment, Politics
Outside the Law School Scam Law
Overlawyered Law
Quotulatiousness Link Blog
Roads & Kingdoms Culture, Essays
Sojourners Politics, Religion
Swiss Miss Design
The Audacity of Despair Entertainment
The Belly of the Beast Law
The Futility Closet History
The Generalist Academy Interesting
The Undefeated Black, Culture
Things To Click Indie Web, Tech
Two Bit History History, Tech
TYWKIWDBI Interesting
Useful Interweb Apps, Interesting, Link Blog, Productivity
Wonkette Politics