Scarface's verse could double as a eulogy at any funeral.


Tip Toe

I can't co-sign for the content, but this is a real funky beat:


Obama talking trash

At the core, the Republicans hate anyone with swag. They don't have any, so they're jealous of anyone who does.

Stephen Jackson Wedding Story

This is a cautionary tale. I'm not saying all women are gold diggers. But as Stephen Jackson says, you need to be aware of who you lie down with:

Great Lines: The Larry David Edition

First, When you’re taken hostage by Somali pirates, it’s important to focus on the right things:

It was a small but disconcerting moment for the civilized world—evidence of the anarchy that prevails where nations fail and savagery threatens Canada. Luckily for the French, the bartender, Bertrand Viallet, had filled some thermoses with aperitifs, which helped to ease the trauma.

Second, I’ve never seen the Dark Knight, but this quote has stuck with me since I heard it:

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


Third, I might not go as far as Larry David, but I will very disappointed in you:

When I ask if he is hoarding anything, he is outraged. “Not a hoarder,” he said. “In fact, in a few months, if I walk into someone’s house and stumble onto 50 rolls of toilet paper in a closet somewhere, I will end the friendship. It’s tantamount to being a horse thief in the Old West.”

I also loved the coronavirus PSA he did:

Great Lines: All The Smoke Edition

A couple of weeks ago, I included a quote from All the Smoke, one my favorite new podcasts. The hosts are 2 former pro basketball players, but they talk about a lot more than sports. The only way I can describe is sitting in a room with the two guys at the barbershop who can size people up in 2 seconds and aren’t afraid to say what they think about that person.

Here’s a good intro article about the podcast.

Stephen Jackson and guest Al Harrington talk about a literal shootout Jackson was in:

This is one of the most wonderfully profane phrases I’ve ever heard:

Finally, this is one of the last longform interviews ever given by Kobe Bryant: