Taking Action

I’m going to stop being passive and just posting to social media about my thoughts. It’s time to make my voice heard. A few days ago, my sister’s brother in law was stopped on the street in Manhattan (the NYC one) and told to go back to his country by a woman. I just emailed […]

Petty Political Stuff

OK. So I found this on Metafilter. It’s petty, but this a time for it. Please let me know what happens if you try this: Just had someone comment about ‘agreeing to disagree’ after a ‘ HA HA this is great’ comment. I replied back, “Great thing about free speech. No rules say I have […]

No One Votes

Found this on Twitter. I have to look into it further to determine if it’s totally accurate: So the final numbers for #ElectionDay are: 231,556,622 eligible voters 46.9% didn’t vote 25.6% voted Clinton 25.5% voted Trump Wow.