My Bully

From Reddit:

When I was 8 years old my dad and brothers moved across the country. My brothers started high school while my dad started a new job. My mom and I stayed back so she could sell our house before we moved to join them. During this time my dad asked my uncle to keep an eye on my mom and I.

While selling the house we moved in with my uncle and his family. It was in a different area, so I had to go to a different school where I didn't know anyone.

A few weeks into the school year and a much larger kid 2 grades above me decided I would be his target for the year. It started small, he would knock things out of my hands, or push me when we crossed paths. Then he started stealing things from me.

I put up with it because I didn't think I had a choice at that time. I was working up the courage to fight back like my dad told me to, but this kid was huge so my courage wasn't building fast enough.

One day I went to the bathroom during recess and ran into him in the bathroom. I knew that out of the view of teachers this wasn't going to be fun. As expected, he pummeled me right up until the bell rang. Unfortunately for him, he left a lot of noticeable marks on my face. I had a fat lip, a shiner, and a bloody nose.

A teacher noticed this right away and sent me to the office. Once there, I was pissed and told the principle everything. He called down the bully who denied doing anything to me, ever. The principle knew he was lying so he scheduled an appointment with both sets of parents.

That night my mom and uncle went with me and his parents went with him. Once in there, his parents constantly denied that their kid did anything and even said I was bullying him. I was 8 and could see how ridiculous that was.

The principle had another meeting to be at, so he asked that we meet again the next night to resolve this. The bullies father started complaining and saying that if I bully him again that he is okay with his son defending himself. He made a point of saying that just because you lose the fight doesn't mean you weren't the bully - which I guess is technically true, except in this situation his son was definitely the bully.

Everyone agreed to meet the next night, and we left the school.

As we were getting into our cars, my uncle went over to the bullies father and put his arm around him. He walked him to where I assume he thought was out of sight. It wasn't.

My uncle beat this guy up really badly. Then as the bullies father was laying on the ground covered in his own blood, my uncle leaned in and said something. He came back and everyone remained silent for the rest of the night.

The next day my bully was not in class. That evening we all went to meet up with the principle and the bullies father looked like those UFC post fight photos. Lumps and bruises everywhere.

The principle asked what happened, and my uncle responded by saying that the bullies father was bullying him and he defended himself. Just because he lost the fight doesn't mean he wasn't the bully. The principle took a moment, then looked at the bullies father and said "is that true?".

The bullies father looked at the principle and said "yes sir". Then he said that his son needed to say something. My bully stood up and began apologizing as he broke into tears. He confessed to everything and said that he will never bully anyone ever again. Then the father apologized for not believing me and the way he treated me.

My uncle looked at the principle and said "I think we can accept that apology, is there anything else?"

The principle said "no" and let us go.

For the short time I was stuck going to that school, the bully went the long way around me whenever he seen me.

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